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There are a lot of consumer grade wireless devices that don't work with Enterprise wireless networks (such as what WSU uses). In order to get around this, we are now providing a service called ClearPass! With ClearPass you should be able to get almost any wireless enabled device connected to our network.

Things that you will need

  • A device already connected to the network with a web browser, such as a phone or computer.
  • The device that you wish to connect and its MAC address.

If you do not know what the MAC address is of your device is, visit: or contact your RTA or ASIS representive and they may assist you.

MAC stands for Media Access Control and is not to be confused with Apple's lineup of computers.

How To Connect

  1. First, on your already connected device, navigate to
  2. The page should prompt you to log in, use your standard WSU login information
    1. That is your NID and Password (the same you use to login to your email and Wireless).
      ClearPass Guest Manager
  3. There should be two options available, "Create Device" and "Manage Devices".
  4. Select Create Device to set up a device for MAC authentication.
    ClearPass MAC Auth Signup Page
    1. Enter the MAC Address of the device.
      1. Be sure you type it correctly, an incorrect number will not result in an error.
      2. There is no need to capitalize letters or add dashes or colons between characters. The system is smart enough to correct for that.
    2. Please note, AirGroup and the sharing settings are no longer available.
    3. The device name is just so that you can recognize it. It is recommended to call it something descriptive.

      1. Adding a note is useful to keep track if you have a lot of devices.

    4. You must accept the Terms and Conditions.

    5. Finally, click create!

  5. You can later manage the devices by selecting "Manage Devices"

    1. Click on the row of the device you want to manage.
      1. Selecting "Remove" will remove the device and revoke its WiFi privileges.
      2. Selecting "Edit" will allow you to change settings about it.
      3. Selecting "Print" will allow you to print of an info sheet about your device.
  6. Connect your device to WSU ResNet Guest or WSU ResNet Guest Aruba (whichever is available).
    1. If this fails, or prompts you to login, Please contact your RTA or ASIS Representative for assistance.
    2. You should not see a page asking for your name and email.


  1. Anonymous

    how do i connect my Nintendo switch from chief Joesph village remodeled 

    1. You can connect many devices, such as a Nintendo Switch, by either by following the above instructions or by purchasing a USB-to-Ethernet adapter and running an Ethernet cable. If you require assistance with either of those, please reach out to your RTA. The Chief Joseph Village RTA can be reached at . 

  2. Anonymous

    What should I do if my device doesn't detect WSU ResNet Guest and instead only shows WSU ResNet Guest Aruba?

  3. Anonymous

    Will connecting it to the guest internet cause the smart TV to need to be connected every other day, like my other devices require?

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