What is AWS Cloud Computing?

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is the largest cloud computing provider, with an emphasis on Infrastructure-as-a-Service. AWS provides an environment where you can create and manage virtual servers, data processing workflows, containers, and native cloud services such as Virtual Desktop solutions.

Who is the target audience for the AWS Cloud Computing service at WSU?

AWS provides tools that can benefit faculty and staff who have computational workloads, data security or compliance needs, or who require highly scalable solutions. AWS hosts big data management tools, machine learning tool-kits, scalable container services, and more.

Currently, we are targeting IT units within the distributed Business Units at WSU as customers of these pre-made cloud environments. ITS will provide a pre-engineered environment, including VPN tunnels back to the appropriate campus, and then train the distributed IT team on how to manage the environment and consume services long-term.

To support this service offering, ITS hosts weekly cloud office hours to answer questions and to workshop solutions within customers AWS environments.

Who can request a pre-made AWS environment?

Currently, we are limiting requests to Area Technology Officers.

What does this service cost?

All costs for AWS are activity-based and vary based on the services that you elect to run in your environment. All charges will be billed to the purchase-card that you put on file within the account. ITS does not charge any markup on your AWS costs.

The starting costs for the pre-made AWS environments offered by ITS have a baseline monthly cost of $30/month, which is the cost of the VPN tunnel to the WSU enterprise network. Additionally, there are one-time costs to purchase Yubikey’s for the physical MFA tokens for the root accounts.

How do I request a pre-made AWS environment?

Submit a ticket to Crimson Service Desk requesting a pre-made AWS environment. Please ensure that the request originates from your area’s Area Technology Officer. ITS will start the engagement and provide you with an initial consultation and timeline, based on the current demand.


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All costs for AWS are activity-based and vary based on the services that you elect to run in your environment.