EFFECTIVE JULY 1, 2023– JUNE 30, 2024

Communication and Collaboration

Connectivity Services
Ethernet Activation (per jack)$295
10G Layer 2 Connection (per port)*$4,660
1G Layer 2 Connection (per port)*$586
Data Connection (auxiliary or self-supporting units) (per month)$18
Troubleshooting Customer Equipment - There will be a charge for technician time (at standard labor rate) when troubleshooting and resolving issues when the problem is due to a customer provided network device (hub, switch, router, etc.)Time & Materials**
Designer and Consultant LaborTime & Materials**
Data Moves$93

Phone & Voice Services
VoIP Phone Setup$69.75
VoIP Phone Line Appearance Configuration Changes$69.75
Toll Free Number Set Up/Change$69.75
Additional Voice Mail Set Up/Change$69.75
Phone Trees Set Up/Change$209.25
Phone Connection (non-standard for auxiliary or self-supporting units (per month)$32.31
Analog Installation$469
Analog MoveTime & Materials**
CentraNet Install$144
CentraNet Phone Service (per month)$68
CentraNet Voicemail (per month)$27
Long Distance - pass through charges from vendorWSU Long Distance Rates

ACD Group
ACD License - Full license charge per NEW PHONE being added to a new or existing ACD group. Not applied to the existing ACD phone being replaced by a new phone.$1,100
New Phone Set Up - Time & Materials, minimum of $69.75 per phone, plus license fee of $1,100 per phone.Time & Materials**
New Group Set Up - Time & Materials, minimum of $69.75, plus license fee of $1,100 per phone.Time & Materials**
ACD Feature Change - Time & Materials, minimum of $69.75.Time & Materials**

Standard VoIP Phones
Model # 7811
1-line High-resolution 3.28” grayscale display, non-backlit 10/100 Ethernet Port Speakerphone, wall mountable
Model # 7811 Phone with Wall Mount$325.14
Model #7821…2-Line Phone$300.70
Model #7841…4-Line Phone$400.31
Model #7861…16-Line Phone$427.48
Model #8811
5-line high-resolution 5” grayscale display 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port Speakerphone
Model # 8811 Phone with Wall Mount$551.55
Model #8831…Conference Station Phone-No PC Port$1,695.35
Model #8845 5-Line Gigabit, Color Display, Bluetooth, Video Camera$590.48
Model #8861 5-Line Gigabit, Color Display, USB Headset Support, CKEM Support$717.27
8861 w/key expansion$1,228.95
Softphone w/Existing #$69.75
Softphone w/New #$69.75
New phone #/no instrument$69.75
Replace Phone$69.75

Data Center Services

Physical Server Hosting
Annual Fee$1116
Per Device$68

Physical Server Hosting Additional Network Connection
1GB Connection$147
10GB Connection$162
40GB Connection$169

VM Hosting
Setup Fee$186
Annual Fee$93
RAM (per GB)$9.16
Storage (per GB)$1.86
Configuration Change$93

Server Backup
Annual Fee$1116
Backup per MB$0.000576
Setup Fee$186

Managed Server Support
Annual Fee (per server)$2,232
Labor Rate (per hour)$93

Optical Scanning
Scan Setup (per job rate)$16
Scanning (per sheet rate)$0.30
Standard Report Print (per job rate)$23
Standard Sheet Sales (per sheet rate)$.10
Labor Rate (per hour rate)$93

End User Computing

Desktop Support
Labor Rate (per hour)$108
Managed Care Support (per device)$324

Site License (See Separate Rate Sheet)

Administrative Service Charge (ASC) is included in the service rates above. Some grant funded accounts may be exempt from these ASC charges.

*Service is only available to connect directly through Data Center and MCFs. Departments are responsible for any additional costs incurred to connect to multiple MCF locations and will be billed at the standard labor rate. The optic must be purchased from ITS (cost is not included in the connection fee). The type of optic required varies and will be quoted separately.

**Time is billed at the current Technician Services rate with a 30 minute minimum. Technician time worked outside normal business hours (8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, excluding holidays) will include applicable premium hourly rates (overtime).

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