ATI product solutions are designed to work together, informing one another throughout nursing school, reinforcing concepts, solidifying ideas and supporting students and nurse educators inside and outside the classroom.


An instructor would like to use ATI courseware in a Canvas assignment.


  1. In the Canvas course, navigate to Assignments, then select Add Assignment.
  2. When configuring the Assignment's "Submission Type", select "External Tool".
  3. At the field "Enter or find an External Tool URL, select the "Find" button adjacent the field.
  4. PLEASE NOTE: There are two ATI Nursing Tools available, and you must select the correct one for your cohort.
    If you are unsure which is correct, please confirm with your department before proceeding.

    1. If you are using ATI for a BSN cohort, please select ATI_BSN
    2. If you are using ATI for an RN Refresher cohort, please select ATI_RN_Refresher

  5. You must check the box "Load This Tool in A New Tab".

    Depiction of option to load the ATI tool in a new tab.
  6. Complete the remaining assignment configurations to complete the process.

If you have not done so already, you will need to create a profile with ATI to access materials within the assignment.

Students will be prompted to create a profile on their first login; they will be automatically be logged in to subsequent sessions.

More information about adding an assignment using an external app can be found here.