As instructor needs to configure the availability and due dates for an Assignment or Quiz in Canvas for individuals, groups, or sections of a course.


When an assignment or quiz is created, by default it will be assigned to all students in the course. However, the Assign feature can be configured for assignments and quizzes in Canvas so unique task availability and due dates can be applied to different subsets of the class.

These options include:

  • Individuals
  • Course Sections
  • Group Sets
  • Groups

If all participants are allocated the same availability for completing the task, you can accept the default "Assign to: Everyone" and configure availability of the assignment there.

Please note: If you are making an accommodation for extended time to complete the task, or making the task available at a different date/time, there are considerations.

Please note: If you alter the Assign To feature, you must save your changes!

Time Extension Accommodations are made at the assignment/quiz level. Please bear in mind that the time extension must align with the Assign to parameters. i.e. if a quiz is configured to be available to everyone from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm (60 minutes), and at the quiz level you accommodate a student with 120 minutes to complete the exam, the student's attempt will be auto-submitted at 1 PM.  More detail on Time Accommodations can be found in the article Classic Quizzes: Extended Time Disability Accommodations.

You can find more detail on Assign feature constraints in the Canvas Instructor Guides linked below:

A simplified summary of the logic of accommodations and associated Assign feature values is also included below for reference.

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Assign Feature Logic and Values

depiction of Assign Feature Flow Chart

Assign to Everyone

By default, when you create a quiz, the Assign feature will be configured to Assign to Everyone with no due date or availability restrictions. 

In the following demonstrations, a quiz had been created with a due date of December 20, 2022, and the Assign feature will be edited for each scenario.

an example of the Assign To feature

Individual Assignee Only

To create an assignment for an individual student, group, or course section, you can replace "Everyone" by selecting the student from the available options.

an example of the Assign To feature

As you are only assigning to one designee, Canvas will notify you of this before saving.

Depiction of a warning that not all students are assigned

If you have replaced "Everyone" with a single student, it will affect gradebook content for the rest of the class.
More information on this issue can be found in the article Reassigned Quiz From All Students to One Student Removes Grades from Gradebook.

Individual Accommodation

To accommodate for a student, group, or course section to allow a different due date, you can select the +Add button to add another "Assign to" element.

an example of the Assign To feature

When the second "Assign to" element appears, you can select an individual student, group, or course section from the list of enrollees.

an example of the Assign To feature

Observe that when the individual student assignment is added, the primary "Assign to" changes to everyone else.
an example of the Assign To feature