A user is requesting access to a course space from a previous term in Canvas to review or copy content from that course space.


Department Schedulers and Campus Schedulers may add users with the Content Reviewer (Read only Instructor, no gradebook access) role within myWSU Maintain LMS Users page to courses that were scheduled in previous terms. This role will provide access to course spaces in any term since Fall 2021. Users will be fed to Canvas in 1 - 2 hours.

*Please note if a user needs gradebook access to a Canvas course, they will need to be added as an instructor on Maintain Schedule of Classes or Admin Support on Maintain LMS Users. Access for these roles can only be granted back to the preceding term. 

Note: If you intend to use Global Campus course content for other campus courses, you will still need to go through the official request process. For the legal and logistical implications mentioned in the above article, please do not complete the course copy without processing through Global Campus.