• Affiliations have dual purpose, allow staff to determine the connection with a record to WSU; also it can play a functional role in notifying AD (active directory) when a person will request access to WSU by invitation for creation of a Network Identification number (NID) and password.

  • They are also used as a means of identification, an example is that WSU Housing uses Affiliations as a tool to determine new incoming Freshman that will need university housing and also they use them to identify housing patrons, families and others.
  • Requirements:

    • Empl ID including a date of birth
    • Personal e-mail
    • Department Sponsorship
    • Campus Designation
    • Service Indicator (SI) – NEA
      • Reason codes of
        • 20 – Pullman
        • 21 – Spokane
        • 22 – Tri-Cities
        • 23 – Vancouver
        • 24 – Everett
        • 25 - Online
        • Affiliation code of:
          • FUT_EMP_(Campus Code) - Future Employee
          • MENTOR - Mentor
          • PROCTOR -Proctor
          • VTG_SCHOL -Visiting Scholar
          • SPEC_PRG – Special Student Programs
          • CONTRTR – Contractor
          • CTY_EXT – County Extension Agent
          • USDA – USDA Employee
          • GST_LECTUR -Guest Lecturer
          • VTG_FCLTY – Visiting Faculty
          • VTG_SCHL - Visiting Scholar

    *Visiting Faculty may need to have approval of HRS through the Adjunct Faculty process even though not paid by WSU.

  • There are many others, but these are the main codes that are utilized.


  •  Within the past year, we have rolled out the use of FUT_EMP - Future Employee, adding this affiliation code to a new incoming staff allows the new staff to accept their Network ID (NID) and subsequently create a password.  Preforming this action successfully then initiates the activation of the email, without the appointment being active in AIS.  Using this code allows early initiation, without departmental intervention on their behalf and allows them to be functional once they start work, without a lot o delays that we usually would see.
  • All departmental units that hire staff and/or sponsor Visiting Scholars are encouraged to request access to the affiliations, this way they can self serve to support their staff and scholars.
  • Not all Affiliations allow system access,but they are still an identifier.


  • Affiliates are assigned though myWSU (CS) in Campus Community.  Once the person record is created, the staff would navigate to Campus Community>Affiliations>Add/Update Affiliations.  Enter the ID and then Add or update as needed.
  • If the Affiliate is new as for a Future Employee, within an hour the invitation to accept the NID and create a password would be sent to the new employee within an hour.  When the password is established, the process automatically pushes a request for the email access as well.  That update is usually not as quick, up to 4 hours. Likewise the same process is used for Visiting_Scholars.

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