To comply with security requirements and BPPM 87.25.1, WSU is currently evaluating administrators within Panopto and working to reset access as appropriate. This process includes potentially adjusting Panopto administrators to an alternate role, while still supporting business functions.


For those users not requiring administrator access, their role will be changed to Videographer. The steps below illustrate how users may continue to complete operational tasks with adjusted access.

Access Comparison

Below is the comparison of differing access roles between Videographer and Administrator.

For most, "Manage Folder Settings" will be the role still required out of the four listed above.

Creator Access

Users in the Videographer role can search for course folders, but they will not have access to course folder settings.

Within Canvas, individuals enrolled directly in Canvas in an administrative role (Instructor, Admin Support, Course Designer) are granted creator access to the associated Panopto folder. This setting grants permissions to manage the folder's settings.

Location of the settings gear in Panopto when viewing a course folder.

Course Designer Quick Enroll Tool

Individuals with the Course Designer role in Canvas may quick enroll themselves in a Canvas course, granting the ability to manage a folder's settings. This process allows for Videographers to maintain course folder setting access as needed.

This tool can be found in the Canvas help menu under "Course Designer Enrollment Tool".

Using the tool, users may search for a course to self enroll into. Once finished, a user may then unenroll from the course. It is important to note that enrolling would only be needed to access the course folder settings in Panopto.

Location of Course Designer Enrollment Tool on the Canvas help menu.

Below is an example of the Course Designer Enrollment Tool:

Example image of Course Designer Enrollment Tool with courses displayed.