Course content has been copied from a prior course, but announcements are not being sent.  How do I get them to work?


Add a delay posting date/time to the announcements to force them to send or create new announcements.


Verify that the announcements were copied from a previous course. This is easy to identify as the announcements show a profile picture displaying the letter U in place of a user's profile picture indicating that an announcement was imported using a course copy, the Course Import Tool, or a blueprint course. Additionally, copied announcements do not include a posted date and time. Per this Canvas documentation , if you import an announcement from another Canvas course, new announcement notifications will not send to course users.

You can trick the system into sending a new announcement notification by setting a delay posting date/time. You can find instructions on how to do that in this Canvas article

It is important to note that just because an Announcement notification did not go out, the announcement is still visible in the course and course activity stream.
If you want notifications to go out (these are user specific so it depends on how users have their preferences set up) you will want to add a delay posting date/time.