The Keys to all of the Microsoft software which you have downloaded, are able to be seen under "Software" within the Azure for Education site. You can access to this site is through the link listed in the following documentation and  you will authenticate using your network ID and network ID password.

Step by step instructions:

The direct link to Login to the Azure Education Portal is:

On the center-left side of the page you will see a "Software" option. Clicking that will take you to a list of all software available to you as a student.

Find the software you'd like to view the product key for in the list (ex. Windows 10)

After clicking the name of the software, a pane will open to the right that gives detail on the product

Below the product details you will see the option to "View Key". Clicking this button will reveal the key to the product

*note* If you have not previously been issued a free or paid product key you will not be given the option to view a key