Log into your WSU.ZOOM.US account.

Be sure you are in the Meeting tab to show your class meetings and click on the class name to open the meeting information page.

Meetings tab

Under “Time” select the “Show all occurrences” button to open the list of course dates remaining.

Show all occurrences button

Click on the “Add another session” to display the days and times fields.

Add another session button

When and duration settings

Add your extra day and duration and “Save”. The additional course day and time will then be added to the list of courses.

list of scheduled sessions

You have now added an additional course day and time using the same number.

HOWEVER… You now need to update your Blackboard or Canvas course space to reflect this new day/time. This is NOT done automatically.

UPDATING your Blackboard or Canvas course space.

Log into your Blackboard or Canvas course space and go to the Zoom App.

Click on the name of the course you are updating to bring up the Meeting information page.

On the bottom of the page, click “Edit this meeting”.

Edit this meeting button

This will bring up a Pop-up. Click “All”

Edit All meetings

The Meeting Editing page with then be displayed. Scroll all the way to the bottom and click “Save”.

Save button on Meeting Edit page

You can now go back to the main Zoom app page and your newly created meeting date will appear in the list.

You have now successfully added your additional day and time with the SAME dialing number/link as previous classes.