•  Class recordings are not showing up in the Zoom Meeting tool and my date filters are set appropriately.


  • Zoom meetings scheduled via Outlook or the Zoom client or via are not associated with Blackboard.
  • To have Cloud Recordings show up within the Blackboard course space:
    • Schedule the meetings from within the course space Zoom Meeting tool. These meetings automatically become part of the course. 
    • If your meetings already exist in your account at, you'll need to go into the Blackboard Course space and into the Zoom meeting tool and use the 3 vertical dots at the right side to provide your class meetings Zoom ID number by selecting Import meeting.
    • If you import the wrong Meeting ID, please use Disassociate. Warning: Import and Disassociate rely on the Meeting ID existence in the Upcoming Meeting tab or in the Previous Meetings, so if the Meeting ID is deleted from those tabs, it's no longer possible to Import or Disassociate from any course.
  • Automatic Recording can be selected for Cloud within the scheduling settings or you can manually start your recording and select To the Cloud after you've joined the meeting.
  • Video conference class scheduling is completed on behalf of instructors by AOI Support, so instructors do not need to schedule the class meetings.

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