Canvas courses have associated calendars that can be used to share upcoming course events with students. Student calendars combine events from current enrollments, facilitating a single calendar for their Canvas coursework. As an instructor, by adding or removing calendar events as needed, you can keep students informed of upcoming events, promoting time management. 

More information about using calendars can be found in this Instructor Guide: How do I use the Calendar as an instructor?


When Canvas course content is copied, care should be paid to Calendar events. Accepting all defaults when copying the content will bring in calendar events from the source, including events dated in the past. Furthermore, calendar events for a course cannot be deleted in bulk and must instead be deleted individually.

Import Steps related to Calendar Management

On the "Import Content" form, you have the option to select "Adjust events and due dates".

depiction of Content import options

When this is selected, further options are availed:

depiction of Calendar adjustment options

Shift Dates

Selecting "Shift dates" allows you to adjust the dates of existing calendar events to align with the upcoming term.

Remove Dates

Selecting "Remove Dates" allows you to remove the event entries prior to import.

More detail about this feature can be found in the Canvas Instructor Guide How do I adjust events and due dates in a course import?