Beginning May 8, 2023, University Syllabus content will be automatically incorporated into the course navigation in Canvas.


To include standardized University Syllabus content in Canvas courses, a method has been devised to append content on the existing “Syllabus” pages in a Canvas course, and to provide a link to the University Syllabus external webpage within the Canvas course navigation.

This change will be visible in courses that reside in the Credit sub-account and its child accounts including AOI, Pearson, Pilot, and Sandbox courses. This change will not be visible to Non-Credit course spaces.

This implementation was agreed upon by the WSU Syllabus Subcommittee.

What to expect:

When the Syllabus course navigation item is identified, a trailing paragraph is appended to the existing Syllabus page content. Additionally, the University Syllabus link will be added to the course navigation immediately beneath the Syllabus item. The University Syllabus links directly to the University Syllabus and opens in a new browser window when selected.

University Syllabus in Course Navigation:

depiction of Canvas course page with University Syllabus link

Text Append to Syllabus:

Appended text located at the bottom of the syllabus.

University Syllabus Content:

  • University Syllabus Link -
  • Canned Syllabus Text to append to Syllabus course navigation item:
    "Students are responsible for reading and understanding all university-wide policies and resources pertaining to all courses (for instance: accommodations, care resources, policies on discrimination or harassment), which can be found in the University Syllabus."


  • If the Syllabus link is hidden, the University Syllabus drops to the bottom of the navigation but remains visible. This occurs based on the location of the Syllabus course navigation item.
  • Without the Syllabus course navigation item “University Syllabus” defaults to the bottom of the list.