Your WSU Network ID (and or Student email account) appears to be compromised and was sending suspicious e-mail. 


The Crimson Service Desk will send this message to your alternate email address on file, due to this compromise in your WSU email account.

As a safety precaution your NID and/or your Office 365 passwords have been changed where appropriate by WSU IT Security.

If you are actively using your account(s), you can reset you WSU Network ID password, using our self-service tool at If you are having problems resetting your password, give us a call.

We suggest that you log in to your Office365 account via an internet browser and ensure that there are no forwarding rules or redirects in place.  Often times if an account is compromised, an inbox rule or email forwarding is set up to push mail out of your account to a malicious email address.

Instructions to check forwarding if your mail seems to have stopped coming into your inbox:

•Login at using your Network ID and Password (the same credentials you use for your email)

•Click on the Mail Icon on on the Office 365 page

•Click on the Gear icon on the top Right

•Choose Options

•On the Left, under Accounts there's a link marked "Forwarding," click on that link.

•Check to see if you have an unknown address where your mail is forwarding.  If you do, delete the address.

•Click SAVE at the top *do not forget this or it won’t save the change*

Also check:

•Inbox/sweep rules for rules you did not place in your account

•Review the block/allow list and ensure that an individual has not placed themselves on your allow list.

One other caution is to consider scanning your system for malware like keystroke loggers, that may be looking to capture information from you regarding passwords.  Some of this type of activity has been reported to be associated with the current rash of compromised accounts.

We can not recommend any one product for the above scanning procedure.  However there are many good scanners on the market that perform this service.  If you are on the WSU Pullman campus, and you do choose to pursue a scan, we are set up to perform virus scans at our walk-in location for free in CUE 302.