To navigate to the page where you will assign work study funds, look under the 'Timecard' tab for the page called 'Employee Payroll Information'.

Note: It is ok if you do not see all of the options below. Different positions will see different options depending on their permissions.

Assigning Work Study Money

Once navigated, you will see a page similar to the one below:

Select the employee you wish to assign work study funds to in the dropdown menu labled '–Select Employee–'. Once selected, you will be shown all of the payroll information in CougarManager on this employee. The information we care about is in the widget labeled 'Work Study' shown below.

Input the amount (in dollars) of federal and state work study funds awarded to the employee and check the box in the column labeled 'Has Work Study'. Verify that you have input the correct amount and click the 'Save' hyperlink, which will now be red.

After clicking, this button should turn black again, signaling that you have successfully given funds.