What Is A Work Study Period

By law, work study is given on a semester-by-semester basis, so a work study period is just the period of time that you are able to give said work study funds. This time period will usually be from the start of the semester to the end of the semester. For obvious reasons, work study periods cannot overlap (though you can define several work study periods).


To navigate to the page where you will create a work study period, look under the 'Admin' tab for the page called 'Edit Work Study'.

Note: It is ok if you do not see all of the options below. Different positions will see different options depending on their permissions.

Creating A Work Study Period

Once you navigate to the page, you will see a widget similar to the one below:

Click the 'Add new work study time period' hyperlink. This will bring up a calendar for you to select the start date of the period.

Click on a day in the calendar to define the start date. Once you have done this, another calendar will pop up on the right for you to select an end date. Again, click a day in the calendar to set the end date of the period.

Verify that the start and end dates are correct (again, these dates will usually be the start and end of the semester) and click the 'Add' button. This will add your entry to the table above the calendars.

Additional Options

Note the checkmark labeled 'Allow employees to select non-work study positions before they exhaust their work study funds?' around the center of the page. It is important that you set this to the option you need for your organization your first time visiting this page.