To navigate to the page where you will create a work study position, look under the 'Admin' tab for the page called 'Edit Positions'.

Note: It is ok if you do not see all of the options below. Different positions will see different options depending on their permissions.

Creating A New Work Study Position

Once you navigate to the page, you will see a list of current positions in your organization similar to the one below.

In order to create a work study position, you will first need to have a base position already set up. In other words, you will need to create the position normally (even if you only plan on assigning the work study positions). See Creating A Position for instructions on this. Once you have your base position, simply click either this the 'Federal' or 'State' button (or both) to create the respective work study position.

This will create a copy of your organization with 'FWS' or 'SWS' appended to the title and description. These stand for 'Federal Work Study' and 'State Work Study' respectively. Notice that the locations and duties are copied as well, so you do not need to go through the hassle of setting it up again (though you are free to change them if you need). Supervisor and subordinate relationships are also copied.