Status Levels

While this chart is not exhaustive, it provides a summary of the tasks that can be done at each status level. The status is set in the 'View Employees' page. See Adding An Employee for relevant information.

  • Note: Unverified Employee is not on the chart, but the only difference between Unverified and Inactive Employee is that an Unverified Employee shows up on your list of employees by default and Inactive Employee does not. They share the same permissions.

Inactive EmployeeEmployeeSupervisorAdministrator


Log time


Submit timecard


Edit timecardsNoDependsYesYes
Sign timecardsNoNoYesYes
Submit newsNoNoYesYes
Edit positionsNoNoNoYes
Edit dutiesNoNoNoYes
Edit supervisorsNoNoNoYes
Add/Remove employeesNoNoNoYes
Other administrative tasksNoNoNoYes

Breakdown Admin

In addition to the status levels, there is one additional permission that can be granted: Breakdown Admin. Breakdown Admins have access to the 'Admin Timecards' page, which gives a special view made for payroll employees entering hours into Positive Pay. The Breakdown Admin permission is specified in the position, not the employee. See Creating A Position for relevant information.