If you need assistance with your Canvas course, you will need to provide course information when you open a service ticket at ats.aoi@wsu.edu.

This information can be obtained even if you cannot access your course.

Please note:

If you are a student, please confirm with your instructor that there is a Canvas component, as not all in-person courses use Canvas.

If you are an instructor, please confirm that your course has been published; unpublished courses are not available to students.

Instructor/Student with access to Canvas course

  1. Navigate to canvas.wsu.edu
  2. Select the course you are submitting the ticket for.
  3. Please copy and paste the URL on the address bar to the ticket.

Depiction of Canvas Course URL.

Instructor with no access to Canvas course

  1. Navigate to https://schedules.wsu.edu/ 
  2. Select the term for your campus.
  3. Select the prefix for the subject you are teaching.
  4. Select the respective section link.
  5. Please copy the URL in the address bar and paste it in the ticket.

Depiction of Scheduled Course URL.

Student with no access to Canvas course

  1. Navigate to https://my.wsu.edu
  2. Select "Manage Classes"
  3. Select "View My Classes" 
  4. Please take a screenshot of the class that you have questions on and paste it in the ticket

Depiction of My Classes screen capture.