An instructor would like a link in the course navigation for non-static content, but they cannot edit exiting Redirect links.

Common scenarios include directing the link to content that changes frequently, such as weekly solution sets and reading assignments.


Using a combination of the Redirect Tool and a Page, non-static content can be changed by the instructor without recreating the Redirect Tool.

It is helpful to have gathered and/or uploaded the content to course files and determined the name for the link that will be added to the course navigation.

Once these elements are ready, you have what you'll need to proceed with creating the new navigation link.

Within the course, select Pages from the course navigation.

Select the +Page button from the top right of the page.

depiction of Add Page button

On the Add Page form, enter the name for the navigation link you will be creating in the field Page Title. 

From the Rich Content Editor menu, you can add (1) links, (2) images, (3) media, or (4) documents to the page.

depiction of Rich Content Editor options

In this example, a course document is being added to the page.

depiction of Document options

When Course Documents has been selected, a pane will appear beside the editor from which you can select from published and unpublished content.

depiction of Document options

You can select the option to "Notify users that this content has been changed", which is useful if the content is revised after assignments. i.e. Availing Chapter 3 Solution Set after the Chapter 3 Assignment deadline.

depiction of Save features

Be sure to save the page when edits are complete and also to publish the page.

Before adding the Redirect link, you'll need the address of the associated page you created in the last step. 

You can obtain this by launching the page and copying the page address from the browser.

depiction of web browser address bar

To add the redirect link, (1) navigate to Settings in the course navigation, and (2) from the top menu select Apps.

From the available options, (3) select the Redirect Tool and then (4) select the +Add App button.

depiction of App options

depiction of Redirect Tool

You will now (1) enter the name of the new navigation link and (2) paste the address to the new page in the filed URL Redirect. (3) Confirm only the Show in Course Navigation box is checked.

Once these details are populated, select Add App to create the link.

The link will be visible in course navigation after you refresh the browser.

depiction of Redirect features

Position the New Link in the Course Navigation

If you want the link in  a specific position in the course navigation, this can be adjusted using drag-and-drop in Settings on the Navigation tab.

Be sure to save after making changes on the Navigation tab or they will not be reflected in the course space.

depiction of course Navigation options

When you are ready to change the content accessed through the new link, or if you want to add content, you can edit the page.

 You can access the content via Pages, or by selecting the link you created. Once the page is up, you can use the Edit function to add or remove content.

depiction of Edit button