Add a New Person to myWSU

Can't locate a person within myWSU.


Create a record by adding the person to myWSU.
Issue 1 - Step 1 – Go to Main Menu>Campus Community>Personal Information>Update a Person to verify whether the person exists in myWSU.

Enter their last name, first name and click the Search button.

If a record returns, then you have the ID. If not, you will get the following message.
No matching values were found.
If you get this message you will then need to create the person record.
Step 2 – You can either click the add a new value tab or go to Main Menu>Campus Community>Personal Information>Add A person. Click the Add a New Value tab.

Click the Add button.

The following page appears.

The effective date needs to be the current date.
Fill in the first and last name. If you have a middle name enter it also.
Then add the Gender, if known.
The Social Security Number.
The phone information and the preferred box checked.
The email address needs to be filled in and the preferred box checked, this is required if the person will need to have a Network ID.  Okta will initiate the invitation for the user but they must have an email to send the notice to.
Under Addresses, click on the drop-down arrow and choose which address you are wanting to add. Then click on the Edit address link.

Fill in the address information and click the OK button.

Then using the (plus) icon, Add a second Row for Mailing Address.  The default is Home

Using the drop down select Mailing and you will see 2 address for the record.

Next click on the Citizenship link.

Fill in the data and click the OK button.
If you are adding an international person, click on the Visa/Permit Data link.

Fill in the data and click OK.
Then click the SAVE button.