Assessment Type

  • Administered: In-person proctored exams, assignments handed out to students who will then hand them back in in person.
  • Assigned: assessments or assignments that are electronically delivered (emailed by Crowdmark) to students and electronically turned in (scanned or photo’d and uploaded) by students.

Assessment Options (Multiple Choice and Enable Matching)

  • Always select Enable Matching. This will allow Crowdmark to use its handwriting software to try to match the student names and/or ID numbers with the actual student’s assessment booklet.
  • If you have multiple-choice questions, select this option and indicate how many pages of multiple-choice questions you want on your bubble pages (1 or 2 pages of 100 questions each).
  • You must select these BEFORE you add your PDF file. If you do it after, Crowdmark will not generate the multiple-choice page or the Name and ID Number box.

Uploading your PDF to Crowdmark

  • Now you can upload your exam PDF file. It will load and insert the Crowdmark headings, Name and ID area, and bubble answer sheet.
  • The Template screen will open where you preview your exam.
  • Once you are satisfied with your exam, select Next. Otherwise, select Try again, edit your exam, resave as a PDF and upload again. [NOTE: The blank page before the bubble answer sheet WAS NOT intentional and did not appear in my original exam PDF. Crowdmark puts the bubble page on the back side of a double-sided page.]

Defining Questions

  • Now you will get a Questions screen where you “Define questions”.
    • If you have multiple-choice questions, you do not need to place labels for them and can delete those already existing. The answer bubble sheet is the only multiple-choice part graded.
    • You will want to label the short-answer questions, if you have any, and change their labels to match the question number.
    • You need a question label for each short-answer question.
    • You will also indicate the max points per short answer question and indicate if it is an extra credit question (Bonus) or not.

Extra Assessments and Generate PDF of assessments

  • Select Next at the bottom of the page. If you make a mistake with your labels, you can go back and fix it later.
  • Now you get to indicate how many extra assessments you want generated. You may want to check with Nikki on this one to see how many total exams you need to account for earlies and access center students. 
    • You CANNOT have fewer assessments than students enrolled.
    • You CANNOT go back and change this later.
    • If you need more, you will have to delete the assessment (at the bottom of each Crowdmark screen) and start over.
    • If you have extras that will not get used, you do not need to print them or scan them, and therefore they will not need to be graded.
  • Select Generate PDF once you have indicated how many extra exams you want on hand. This may take quite a while, as it is generating a single PDF file containing all the exam booklets.
  • Once the PDF has been generated, download it to your computer.
  • Finally, select on Finished! Go to the assessment dashboard.

You have now successfully created your Crowdmark Exam.

Assessment Landing Page (the assessment title in bold font)

Download printable PDF

You can download the exam booklet PDF again.  (You cannot change the number of exam booklets or generate more.)


Upload Booklets

  • Once your completed booklets are scanned, and scan files emailed to you, you can upload those files here. Just browse your computer or drag and drop. 
  • Crowdmark generated each booklet to contain unique QR codes on each and every page, so as it analyzes the pages uploaded, it will start matching those QR codes to the booklet it came from. This means you can drop the entire stack on the way to the scanner and it does not matter in the least. 
  • If any page or booklet has not been identified by the QR code, it will be flagged under “Incomplete booklets”. When you select on the bullet list icon at the top right corner, you will get a list of missing pages in a pop-up window (below).  This is where you can match the missing page to the alpha-numerical code that goes along with each QR coded page. 

Match Booklets

  • This is where Crowdmark will automatch what it can read and ask for you to select the student the booklet belongs to. Crowdmark has already imported your students’ information from Blackboard, so once you start typing their first or last name, it will pull matching students up.
  • If a cover page has not been matched to a student automatically, it will appear here.
  • You also get a count of how many were unmatched and how many you have left to match out of that number.


Match with Exam Matcher app

  • This requires an app and the TAs to enter a student’s information from their ID
    • This information can be their WSU network ID or name, as that is all that is sent to Crowdmark from Blackboard.
  • The TA would use an Android or iOS device to scan the student’s cover page QR code, then enter one of the identifying values to match.
  • We have not had any kind of large matching errors using the student’s handwriting on the cover page, so we have not seen the need to add another exam duty to the TAs.

Manage Comment Library

  • This is where you can download the library of comments created and used from one assessment to upload to another assessment (super useful for multi-version exams).
  • This can be done per question or for the entire set of questions.  


  • This is where you can keep track of how long they’re taking to grade.
  • If you need to add additional Team members, you need to select on your course (above the assessment’s title landing page link) and go to Team there.


  • This is where you can
    • search for an individual student
    • see if they had an exam matched to them. If not, they did not take it or it has yet to be scanned in to Crowdmark.
    • glance at scores
    • see if that student has been emailed with a link to their graded exam



  • This is where you can
    • Set the point value for the multiple-choice questions
    • edit the point assignment for each short-answer question.
    • enter or edit your multiple-choice answer key, if you do not use the link on the main landing page.
    • edit the question labels or add more if you made a mistake.