Enabling Crowdmark in Blackboard

  • Go to your Blackboard course page.
  • Select on Customization.
  • Select on Tool Availability
  • Check both Crowdmark boxes and Save.
  • Go to the Content Folder in your Blackboard course.
  • Select on Assessments and select Crowdmark at the bottom of the dropdown.
  • Rename the assignment, otherwise it will be called Crowdmark. Ex: Exam 2
  • Keep the default settings, except for the “Permit users to view this content” which should be changed to NO.
  • Select Save and Launch at the bottom of the page. This will launch Crowdmark. 

Logging in to Crowdmark

  • Once the Crowdmark website opens, select Sign in up at the top right.
  • You should get a screen asking for a username and password.
  • At the very bottom of that page is the option to sign in with you University. Select Washington State University.
  • It will then ask if you want to sign in with Blackboard or with Canvas. Pick the one you are using (Bb for now, Canvas later).

  • It will either auto log you in or send you to the WSU authentication page. Then you must choose “Authorize.

Setting up your Crowdmark course

  • Crowdmark will have you set up your course and import your students and team members from Blackboard.
  • This only happens for the initial assessment you set up. All others will skip this.