Assessment Type:

  • Administered: In-person proctored exams, assignments handed out to students who will then hand them back in in person.
  • Assigned: assessments or assignments that are built inside Crowdmark (not Word and PDF) and electronically delivered (emailed by Crowdmark) to students and electronically turned in (scanned or photo’d and uploaded) by students.

Due Date and Grading Policy

  • Select the due date and time for the assessment. This can be changed later.
  • Indicate what the late penalty is for the assessment. This can be changed later.
  • If you are planning on letting students submit a group assignment, select Allow group submissions. (you CANNOT change this later)
  • Select next.

Adding Questions to your Assigned Assessment

  • Add an assignment description with instructions for the students.
  • Add each question.
    • Each question will have its own student response upload area.
    • More than one image or pdf file can be uploaded per question.
  • Preview the assessment in its entirety.
  • Save and go to the Dashboard.


Distributing your Assigned Assessment

Assessment landing page

  • Select when you want to deliver the assessments to the students
    • Immediately
    • Schedule automatic distribution
  • Manage Comment Library (see Administered section)


Teams, Students, Questions and Results pages are the same as for the Administered assessments.

Go to the website below to see what an Assigned assessment looks like for the students.

Student response files must be JPG or PDF files for upload.

Course Level Team 

  • This is where you manage your team members for the course.
  • You can import from Bb or Canvas or add by email address.
  • You can also manage or change roles.

Course Level Students

  • This is where you can see student info and upload meta data.
  • Uploading meta data (Student ID number) will help achieve higher automatic matching rates. Blackboard does not automatically import Student ID numbers, but Canvas does.
    • Easiest is to download User Information from the Blackboard grade book, delete all columns but the email address and the student ID number.