The user upload function allows you to enter a list of data into a web application and upload it directly into the Data Warehouse to use as input to queries. For example, you can upload a list of WSU ID numbers for a specific group of students like a cohort group and then write queries to select data about these students.

Using the Upload/Delete Data Warehouse Lists Web Application

Upload Lists

  • Use the Upload Lists function to create a list of data items you would like to have as input to your Data Warehouse query. To upload your list, go to You will have to logon using your network ID and password, which may be different from your BusinessObjects information. 
  • Select the List Type from the pull‐down menu. You can select Integer, Date, Text, or Numeric Decimal as your list type. The list type is the type of data you will enter into the list. For example, if you are creating a list of WSU ID numbers, use the Integer type. A list may only contain one type of data.
  • Enter the name of the list in List Name. Make the name as specific as possible so you can find it easily at a later date. You may want to start the name with your department name, for example, ITS ‐ WSU Numbers with multiple majors. The List Name must be unique. If you enter a name that has already been used, a message will display and you will need to change the name.
  • Enter a description of your list.
  • Enter your list of data. You can copy and paste from another application into this box if desired, or you may type directly into the list. Enter one item per line only. Blank lines will be ignored. Your list does not need to be sorted.
  • NOTE: All lists will be available to all Data Warehouse users in BusinessObjects, so be careful not to upload sensitive data such as social security numbers.
  • Press SUBMIT to save the list.  
  • If you have any errors in your entry, they will be displayed and the list will not be saved. After you have corrected the data, press SUBMIT again.
  • Press CLEAR if you would like to clear out the data you have entered from the entry boxes

Example 1: Upload list

Delete Lists

Once you have created one or more lists, you can delete them from the database through the Delete Lists function.  You will only be allowed to view and delete lists that you have created. To delete one or more lists, check the Select boxes and press DELETE.

  • Once your list has been uploaded, you can access it in BusinessObjects. You will find the lists in class {User Upload List}. Please note, all lists will be available to all BusinessObjects users. Each list has a name, description, and create user ID, as well as multiple items. Each item is in class {User Upload List \ User Upload List Items}. In this class, you will see four objects, one for each type of list you may upload. Your list items will be found in the one type you uploaded. For example, if you uploaded a list of WSU ID numbers as type Integer, the numbers will be found in LIST ITEM INTEGER.

Example 2: Delete lists

Using Uploaded Lists in BusinessObjects

  • To use a specific list in a query, select your result objects as you normally would, then create a subquery in your conditions to include the data in your list. See examples 3 and 4.
  • In your subquery, select the appropriate User Upload List Items type as your result object, and find the correct list by LIST NAME in your conditions. See example 5.

Example 3: Main query

Example 4: Creating the subquery

Example 5: Subquery using uploaded list