Accessing the student id number on Canvas. e.g I have two students with the same name and I cannot reliably distinguish them. 


To view the WSU ID number in the gradebook:

  1. Sign into Canvas

  2. Navigate to the Course

  3. Select Grades in the left hand menu navigation. 

  4. Next to the Student Name column header, Select the menu icon which is depicted as three vertical dots.

  5. Select secondary info

  6. Lastly select SIS ID
    Depiction of selection of SIS ID from secondary menu options.

The ID's will then appear directly below the name.   

To view the WSU ID number in Class Roster:

  1. Login to Canvas
  2. Navigate to the course in question
  3. Select People from the left hand sub-menu
  4. WSUID's are listed in the SIS ID column
    Depiction of SIS ID placement in the class roster.