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About EECS Accounts

EECS accounts are managed by the school of Electical Engineering and Computer Science and allow for access to special resources built by and for the EECS Department at WSU.
You will know if you need access to any of the resources that an EECS account affords you based on your courses or working-role at the university.
As always, if you need clarification at any point during this KB article, please contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk for assistance.

Quick Facts


  • Your EECS account is not the same as your WSU Network ID. You might have the same username, but your EECS account and your WSU Network ID are not linked in any way.
  • EECS accounts can expire. Depending on where you're trying to use your EECS account, this might not be an obvious problem. Check out the Account Expiration section for more details.

For students:

  • Your EECS account should be created by the first day of your first EE or CptS class. Your instructor will likely give you details about your EECS account the first time you need to use it. If not, or if you've never used your EECS account before, please contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk for assistance.

For faculty and staff:

  • Your EECS account will be created for you on or after your first day of employment. Please contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk if you have any questions or concerns about your EECS account.

Account Info


Generally, EECS usernames are the first letter of your first name, followed by the first 7 letters of your last name. No spaces. All lowercase.

If you posses a common last name, your username may include a number at the end. Contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk if you have questions.


If you're not sure what your current password is, contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk to get your account details.

Account Expiration

Your account can expire in two ways:

  1. The password can expire:
    1. When this happens you will be unable to access any EECS service except for SSH. This includes EECS's GitLab service.
    2. This happens about every six months.
    3. To correct this, you must reset your EECS password.
  2. The account can expire:
    1. This will cease all activity on your account, including SSH access.
    2. This occurs about every two years for students and about every four years for faculty and staff.
    3. Note: this does not mean your account is deleted, but if your account isn't reactivated after a period of time, it may be deleted.
    4. To correct this issue, you must contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk.