In this KB article, we'll be connecting from an Ubuntu system to (one of EECS's open SSH servers).

If you need help changing your EECS password, see this KB article.

Follow the steps below to connect to EECS Linux servers:

  1. Open a new terminal window. (On most distributions, you can press CTRL + ALT + T to open a new terminal)
  2. In the new terminal window, type ssh <your_eecs_username>

    The basic format for the ssh command is:

    More information about the SSH command is available by running the following command in a terminal:
    	man ssh

    Pro Tip can get quite busy at times. For a list of alternate EECS SSH servers that are currently available, see this KB article.

  3. You will see a message that the authenticity of the host cannot be verified. This is normal on the first time connecting to the SSH servers. Type yes and press Enter


    This message is only normal on your first connection. If you're seeing this message after you've successfully connected before, disconnect and contact the VCEA IT Helpdesk for support. This could be an indication of a man-in-the-middle attack.

  4. Your terminal should now prompt you for a password. Your system will look for SSH keys before prompting for a password, but if you're following this article, you probably don't have SSH keys set up yet.
    Enter your password, and press Enter

    Nothing will be shown while typing your password, but it is there.

  5. Once you've successfully logged in, you'll see a message similar to the image below. This screen is known as the MOTD (message of the day). You'll see it on each login session.