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In order to connect to and use your EECS home directory, a program that can run SFTP (Secure File Transfer Protocol) is needed. Various options are:

  • FileZilla
  • WinSCP
  • FireFTP

This guide will use FileZilla, but other options will work as well.


  1. Travel to Select the gray Download FileZilla Client All Platforms download button.

  2. The page will be redirected to a new page. Click on the green Download FileZilla Client button.

    1. Only the free version is needed, but the pro version works as well. Click Download

      NOTE: The location of the download buttons may switch sides randomly. Make sure you Read before clicking download

  3.  Follow the prompts (different browsers shown below)

    1. Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer

      1. Select Run to start the installation.

    2. Firefox

      1. Click on Save File.
      2. Open the Download Manager at the top of the window.

      3. Now select Open File and begin the installation

    3. Google Chrome
      1. Your download should appear in the "Downloads Bar" at the bottom of your Chrome window

      2. Once the download is complete, click the download to begin installation.

    4. Safari
      1. Click the "Downloads" button to the right of the URL bar to show your downloads.

      2. Once the download is complete, click the download to begin installation.



  1. After starting the installer after downloading, the first window to pop up will be the License agreement and privacy policy.
    1. Read, then select Agree.

  2. Next, on the Choose Installation Options window, select who the application should be installed for. Anyone who uses this computer or Only for me.
    1. Make your choice, then select Next.

  3. On the Choose Components window, there is no need to alter the state of a check-box, unless you want a desktop icon.
    1. Make your choice, then select Next.

  4. Choose Install Location is next. The default location should be fine.
    1. If you need to change the default install location, do so. Then click Next.

  5. Finally, the Choose Start Menu Folder window will pop up.
    1. Select Next to move on.

  6. From this point forward, uncheck all the check-boxes, and keep clicking Next. The installer will try to install third party programs if you do not uncheck the check-boxes
  7. The installation will now begin. This will take some time.
    1. When it has finished, click Finish.

Mac OS X

  1. After starting the installer after downloading, the first installation window should pop up. Click on the icon.

  2. Read and agree to the license agreement

  3. Allow time for the Mac to finish checking the volumes.

  4. Confirm that you trust this application to allow it to run on your computer.

  5. The installer should now start. Click Continue.

  6. Wait for the program to be installed.

  7. When the installer has finished, click Finish.

  8. FileZilla has now been installed. It can be run by Searching spotlight for the program, or selecting it from the application list.

Using FileZilla

  • After opening FileZilla, you'll see a window like the one shown below:

  • To connect to your home directory you will use this bar:

    • In the host field, type in or any other currently available EECS SSH servers.

      Pro Tip can get quite busy at times. For a list of alternate EECS SSH servers that are currently available, see this KB article.

      • Enter your EECS Credentials in the Username and Password fields.
      • Use port 22 as the Port.

  • If correct information was entered, a "Remember passwords?" box should appear. Here, server login information can be saved for later, if you wish:
  • Choose an option from the "Remember passwords?" dialog box, and click OK to continue.

If you've made it to this point, you've successfully connected to a EECS SFTP server!

  • Once connected, a the directory window should show your local directory, and your EECS home directory.

  • The pane on the left shows your local host directories.

  • The pane on the right show your EECS directories and files.

Transferring files to/from EECS servers

  • To transfer files between the two hosts, select the file you want to move, and drag and drop it to the opposite side. (From the left panel to the right panel, or vice versa)