Enable Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) in effort to better secure your Gitlab account. 


To Enable 2FA for your gitlab.eecs.wsu.edu account

  1. Log into Gitlab.eecs.wsu.edu to access your profile.
  2.  When signed-in click your profile picture in the upper right, and select 'Preferences' 

  3. When in your "User Settings" page, select "Account" from the left-side menu bar to find the "manage two-factor authentication" button to begin the 2FA registration process.

  4. The exact process you will use to register your 2FA code might change in specific detail, but the overall process is the same:
    1. Use the QR code, or manually input the key, into your 2FA a software app - Authy or Google Authenticator was used here.
    2. Input the resultant 6-digit code in the "Pin code" field to verify the key you registered on your app with gitlab.eecs and you're good to go.

    3. When finished, you will be presented with recovery codes that can be used to regain access should you lose your 2FA app/device.
      1. If you chose to store these, save only to a secure location.