Described below is a step-by-step method to connect the EECS SSH servers using the NoMachine client.

Please ensure this client is what you want to use to reach your target server.


Its important to use the correct version of NoMachine to access EECS servers. Your can find the proper version of NoMachine at

  1. Install and launch NoMachine. (The proper version is listed in the info box above)

  2. Select New connection, select SSH as protocol, then Continue

  3. For host, type, or use one of the other available EECS SSH hosts, and select Continue.

    Pro Tip can get quite busy at times. For a list of alternate EECS SSH servers that are currently available, see this KB article.

  4. Select Use the NoMachine login, then Continue.

  5. Leave the options at their default (blank), select Continue.

  6. Leave options at default (Don't use a proxy), select Continue.

  7. Leave options at default (if you want, you can change it), select Done.

  8. Home screen should look similar to this. Select Connect to, then Connect.

  9. Enter Username & Password, select OK.

  10. Select Create a new GNOME virtual desktop, then continue.

  11. Select OK.

  12. Select OK.

  13. Select the desired way to display the menu panel, then select OK.

Congrats! You've successfully connected to EECS SSH servers using NoMachine (NX Client)