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WinSCP is the official SFTP client tool recommended and supported by WSU.  Users may use any SFTP client they wish, but WSU IT staff will only provide support for WinSCP.

Network Requirements

Available SFTP servers.


Server Settings

Protocol:  SFTP

Port: 22

Special Network Requirements

None (if connecting to above hosts)

WinSCP does not have any special network or VPN requirements for connecting to the ESG SFTP servers.  SFTP servers are accessible with the staff VPN enabled or disabled (enabled recommended).

Where to Download WinSCP

WinSCP is available from the Download page on the main WinSCP web site.

WinSCP Setup

To connect the ESG SFTP servers, users will need to generate a private/public key pair.  Below is the WSU knowledge base link to instructions on how to generate key pairs and configure WinSCP for key authentication.