Email: How to Add Shared Mailbox to Outlook for Mac

When trying to access a shared mailbox in Outlook for the Mac, you need to manually add the mailbox in order to manage that account. This is not something that automatically appears on the Mac OS.

  1. Click on Tools and then click on Accounts.
  2. Select your email account, and on the bottom right click on the Advanced button.
  3. On the next screen, click on the Delegates button at the top.
  4. Under "Open these additional mailboxes" click the + to add a new mailbox.

5. Next, start typing the name of your Shared Mailbox in the search box. If permissions have been granted, it should show up on the list of mailboxes. Select the correct mailbox and then click Add on the bottom right.

6. Click Ok to finish adding the mailbox and then Close the Accounts box.

7.When the dialog box comes up to have the auto-discover server automatically configure the mailbox, select Allow.

8.The Shared Mailbox will load as its own folder set on the Left side of Outlook. At first, it may appear at the top of your list, but if you close and reopen Outlook, it will appear further down below your main mailbox folder set.