What can I check if I am having trouble Sending As and Shared Email Account?

How do I correctly add the From address to Send As a Shared Mailbox I have access to?


NOTE: You have to be added for access to a Shared Email Account (Shared Mailbox) before you can Send As that account.  If you aren't sure if you have been added for access, contact us here at the Crimson Service Desk ( or 509-335-4357) and we can check to see if you have access.

If you are having issues Sending As a shared mailbox you have access to, try this first:

  1. Start a new message. Click the From Box and DELETE the current From Address for the Shared Mailbox (if it's already in your list) by clicking the X to the right of it.

  2. Once deleted, select Other Email Address in the From address dropdown list.

  3. When the Send from Other Email Address box pops up, click the From Button there again, and Search for the Shared Mailbox Account Name. Choose it off the Global Address List.

  4. It should add the Account Name in the previous box, click the OK button.

  5. Once you have it back in there where you got it off the Global Address List, try to send as the Shared Mailbox again.


If you still cannot Send As the Shared Mailbox and you are certain that you are on the List of Users with Full Access to the Shared Account, contact the Crimson Service Desk at and ask them to check the Send As Rights on the mailbox.

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