How do I allow waited listed students to access a Canvas course?


To allow waitlisted students in myWSU, check the "Send Waitlisted Students to LMS" checkbox located at the bottom of the "Maintain LMS Course Spaces" page. This selection sets access until the eighth day of class for these students.

To locate this page, navigate to Main Menu / Curriculum Management / Schedule of Classes / Maintain LMS Course Spaces.

Navigation Steps. 1. Main Menu. 2. Curriculum Management 3. Schedule of Classes 4. Maintain LMS Course Spaces.

Maintain LMS Course Space form demonstrating option to Send Waitlisted Students to LMS.

Please note for AOI courses

You can make change requests in the notes field on the meetings tab for the course in MyWSU. 

Maintain Schedule of Classes form demonstrating the Notes field on the Meetings tab.