• Local departments needing to add a user to login to MyWSU or other items as a volunteer, visiting scholar, contractor, etc.


  •  We used to be able to add Friend IDs and have them sponsored by employees for some WSU Access, but that process went away March 31st, 2022.


WSU has been moving from sponsored FIDs to the Affiliate process for a number of years in an effort to provide greater security to those with access to WSU's Network and VPN services. WSU is completing the transition away from the sponsored FID request mechanism and over to myWSU Affiliate processes on March 31, 2022.

Traditionally, the sponsored FID accounts were created largely for WSU contractors.  Now, contractors will be given a network ID for VPN and network access.

Affiliate procedure steps:

  *   Create a person record in myWSU and assign a contractor/contributor/etc. affiliation code.
     *   Name, address, phone number and non WSU email address will be required to complete the person record
     *   Date of Birth and SSN are not required, but preferred
  *   After the person record is created and a WSUID number assigned, an affiliation code will need to be applied.
     *   The contractor affiliation code will provide the individual with a network ID and VPN access
     *   An Office365 license will not be assigned
     *   Within an hour of the affiliation code, a network ID will be assigned
     *   An Okta Invitation will be sent out later the same day
  *   Final step: the contractor will need to complete Okta account and MFA set up before receiving access to WSU's network and vpn.

Resources for Person Creation and Affiliation application:
How to create a person:
How to assign an affiliation:
List of Affiliation Codes:

Please contact Crimson Service Desk via email at [|]<> or by phone at (509) 335-4357, or your local technical support team, with any additional questions you may have.

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