How do I extend the end date of a course?


By default, courses in Canvas are set to end two weeks after the course end date in myWSU (the course end date in myWSU is typically the Friday of dead week). If the extension of a Canvas course is for an incomplete, please see How Incompletes Function in Canvas?

1. Navigate to the Maintain LMS Course Spaces page and search for the class in question:

Main Menu - Curriculum Management - Schedule of Classes - Maintain LMS Course Spaces

2. Check the "Override End Date in LMS" checkbox and select the length to extend the course by from the drop down list:

Override End Date Option Form with Date Extension option.

The end date will be populated in Canvas in the next 1-2 hours.

Please note: Override is not available for AOI courses in Maintain LMS Course Spaces.

You can make this request in the notes field on the meetings tab for the course in MyWSU. 

Maintain Schedule of Classes form demonstrating the Notes field on the Meetings tab.