"I don’t have my Extra Verification device with me."

ITS recommends registering more than one device in order to avoid this scenario. There are no support resources to bypass this security measure. 


"I lost my Extra Verification device."

If your Extra Verification device is lost or stolen, refer to our info on lost or stolen Extra Verification devices.


"I took too long to sign in, and it timed out."

If you don’t approve a push notification or phone call within the allowed time, your request will time out. If this happens, try again by selecting “Send Me a Push” or “Call me” a second time. Otherwise, start the sign-in process again from the beginning.


"My passcode is incorrect."

If you enter an incorrect passcode, sign-in will fail. Generate a new passcode and try again.


"My Extra Verification device stopped working."

If your registered device does not work, try the reset function to re-establish a registered factor.  If that does not work—or you lost your only registered device—please contact the Crimson Service Desk team for assistance.