How do I determine if a course space is configured to create a Canvas shell?


To determine if a course is flagged to create a course shell in Canvas, follow the steps below:

Please Note - Courses can only be flagged for Canvas before the term begins. If the term has already began, please contact your WSU Campus Scheduler.

1. Navigate to the below page and search for the class in question:

Navigation Steps. 1. Main Menu. 2. Curriculum Management. 3. Schedule of Classes. 4. Maintain Schedule.

2. In the "Basic Data" tab, confirm the "Approved Section" checkbox is checked.

Basic Data tab with Approved Section option selected.

3. In the "Enrollment Control" tab, confirm the "Class Status" is set to "Active".

Enrollment Control tab with Class Status option set to Active.

4. Navigate to the below page and search for the class in question (page currently restricted to Campus Scheduler access):

Navigation Steps to Maintain LMS Course Spaces tab.

5. Confirm the LMS is set to "Canvas"

Maintain LMS Course Spaces tab demonstrating LMS Selection set to Canvas.

WSU requires for a class to be active, approved, and flagged for Canvas for a course shell to be created.

Please note for AOI courses

You can make change requests in the notes field on the meetings tab for the course in MyWSU. 

Maintain Schedule of Classes form demonstrating the Notes field on the Meetings tab.