How to Find an Existing Course Fee
Go to the WSU homepage, click on the A-Z index in the upper right-hand corner.

Go the "S" section.

Click on the Schedules of Classes hyperlink.

Select the Course Fees hyperlink in the left column.

Use the drop down menu to search for the Term, Year, and Campus.
Enter the course name in the Report Type drop down menu.
Click Report.

6 Sections of TCH_LRN were found to have class fees. You can see how much the course fee is if you hover your mouse over the $ sign (Sometimes you have to hover your mouse and move it over the $ sign to get the fee to come up). If your report has no results then there are no course fees for that subject.

The navigation you just followed was to see all of the course fees for that particular class.
Another way to look up classes to see if they do or do not have a course fee is to follow the navigation below.
After you clicked on the "S" in the schedule of classes instead of clicking on the Course Fees Hyperlink, Click on the term in the campus you are looking for.

Select the course you are looking for in the list.

This list is different in that it allows you to see all the courses listed for that subject whether they have a course fee or not. You may prefer to look up the course fees this way so you can also see the sections that are offered for the subject but don't have a class fee.