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  • This is usually caused by an improperly formatted CSV file. myWSU will only read CSVs of the following format:
    012345678, A 023456789, B- 034567891, F 045678912, C ect...

    MAC users tend to save their CSV (Macintosh) as the first option they see, and not CSV (MS-DOS). Their CSV will be formatted the following way: 012345678, A, 023456789, B-, 034567891, F, 045678912, C, etc.
    Aside from basic CSV formatting issues, the two most common mistakes are not including leading 0's in the student ID, and trying to assign grades that do not exist. 

    Here are a couple of examples:

    You can see from this error that the instructor was trying to assign a grade of 'W' to a student from a CSV upload. This is an example of the CSV being formatted correctly, but the instructor not following WSU grade policies.

    You can see from this error that myWSU was trying to assign a grade of 'D+011223208' to a student from a CSV upload. myWSU checks the length of the grade, and due to this CSV's improper formatting, it throws this error. This is an example of the CSV not being formatted correctly. You will most likely see this error from a MAC user since the grade being assigned is a full row. 

  • To fix, ask them to save in CSV (MS-DOS).
    If there is sufficient time (grades aren't due for a few days), inform the instructor that their file most likely has a formatting issue, and to refer to "UPK – Faculty Center" at to find where they went wrong. If running out of time, it's almost always faster to have them send you the file, fix it for them, and have them retry. Inform them that they should NOT resave or even open the file after you send it.

  • Note: Sometimes instructor's CSVs are really large, and time out when uploading. When this happens, they will see a spinning wheel and then no grades are entered. Double-check the formatting. It can also help to break the CSV into multiple files. As long as the same student isn't in both files, instructors can upload as many files as they need. 

  •  If everything looks right, and still not working, let know what's happening.

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