Instructor Schedule

Curriculum Management->Instructor/Advisor Information->Instructor Schedule

Class Roster

Curriculum Management->Class Roster->Class Roster

Grade Roster

Curriculum Management->Grading->Grade Roster

Maintain Schedule of Classes

Curriculum Management->Schedule of Classes->Maintain Schedule of Classes

Enrollment Summary

Records and Enrollment->Enrollment Summaries->Enrollment Summary


  • Instructors can not see class in MyWSU.


  •  Check Instructor Schedule (myWSU). Verify that the course is actually missing. 

  • If it DOES shows up in Instructor Schedule  and it shows up in My Teaching Schedule (Faculty Center) for instructors and instructors still not seeing it: 
    1. Go to > View All and the page views of My Teaching Schedule. Still not showing?
    2.  Instructor in the right term (refer to Seeing last semester's courses for fix)? 
    3. Has browser cache been cleared? If none of that works, 
    4. Send a screenshot to (

    • If the course DOES NOT show up in Instructor Schedule, check Maintain Schedule of Classes >Meetings Tab. 
      Verify the instructor is listed under "Instructors for Meeting Pattern", and that a load factor has been assigned. 
      If instructor does not appear, or if instructor appears but does not have a load factor, instructor should contact their department coordinator. 


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