Background (Navigations for Admin Assts & TAs)

Instructor Schedule

Curriculum Management->Instructor/Advisor Information->Instructor Schedule

Class Roster

Curriculum Management->Class Roster->Class Roster

Grade Roster

Curriculum Management->Grading->Grade Roster

Maintain Schedule of Classes

Curriculum Management->Schedule of Classes->Maintain Schedule of Classes

Enrollment Summary

Records and Enrollment->Enrollment Summaries->Enrollment Summary


  •  Faculty Center is reserved for Faculty and Instructors.  Admin Support and Teaching Assistants should use the navigations available to them according to their myWSU security


  • How to navigate to resolve the issue

  • Navigate using the Classic breadcrumbs: myWSU>Main Menu>Self Service>Faculty Center > My Schedule.
  • Click on the Icons for Grade Roster next to each Class.  If the icon is not present, a grade roster has not been generated for that class.   
  • If it's still not working, are they a newly hired instructor/GA? Their department will need to work with HRS to ensure they are listed as such. 
  • If they are not new (taught consecutive semesters), contact ESG for clarification.
  • Graduate students are not considered faculty and will always need to use the classic breadcrumbs method.

The Classic Breadcrumb Method to get to the Faculty Center in MyWSU:

Click on the NavBar icon on the top Right  

Choose Main Menu from the dropdown list  

On the top Left, select Main Menu - Self Service - Faculty Center - My Schedule

That should take you to your list of classes and each one should have a Grade Roster Icon on to the Left of the course listing. (Actually choose My Schedule as opposed to the Grade Roster choice in the Faculty Center folder)

The Grade Roster icon looks like this  and should be to the Left of your Course Listing.

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