Instructor Schedule

Curriculum Management->Instructor/Advisor Information->Instructor Schedule

Class Roster

Curriculum Management->Class Roster->Class Roster

Grade Roster

Curriculum Management->Grading->Grade Roster

Maintain Schedule of Classes

Curriculum Management->Schedule of Classes->Maintain Schedule of Classes

Enrollment Summary

Records and Enrollment->Enrollment Summaries->Enrollment Summary



  • If it is for sure a grade roster problem, be sure they're clicking the grade roster icon (  ) to the left of the course, and NOT the tabs at the top. 

The following screenshot should provide clarification.

  • If they do not see the icon, check the grade roster to be sure it is generated. 

The Grade Roster Type tab will list the generated rosters (a mid-term and/or final roster). 

  • If the grade roster is missing, there are a couple things to keep in mind: 

         Grade rosters are generated ~2 weeks prior to grades being due. 
         They are not always available. Graduate level courses do not require mid-term grades, so there will not be a midterm grade roster.
          If the grade roster has not been generated, and the above considerations do not apply, send a request to with the course information. 

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