Instructor Schedule

Curriculum Management->Instructor/Advisor Information->Instructor Schedule

Class Roster

Curriculum Management->Class Roster->Class Roster

Grade Roster

Curriculum Management->Grading->Grade Roster

Maintain Schedule of Classes

Curriculum Management->Schedule of Classes->Maintain Schedule of Classes

Enrollment Summary

Records and Enrollment->Enrollment Summaries->Enrollment Summary


  • Instructor can not see a student or some of their students. 


  • Check the class roster for the student's ID number. 
  • Using the ID number eliminates the rare instances where the student's name has changed.

  • If the student is there, Instructors should clear their browser cache. ( Web Browsers - Clearing Browser Cache and Cookies )
         Remember, View All and next page view still apply here. Instructors may not be looking at all of their students.

  • If the student isn't listed, check Enrollment Summary ( see above) for the student.
         There are instances where the course is cross-listed, and they don't have access to all of the classes. The student is most likely in a section the instructor doesn't have access to. 

  • With Enrollment Summary, you can track down the course the student is enrolled in.
    If the student is not in another section, ask the instructor how/when they generated their class list. 
      • If it's from an online source (blackboard) contact Global Campus for assistance.
      • If it's for a traditional course, they will need to contact their campus Registrar's Office. 

  • If there is a problem where the student is listed in the class roster, but not showing up in the instructor's class roster, please send a screenshot of the view showing the missing student problem, via an email to


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