User needs to Connect to the ResNet Wireless or  WSU ResNet Aruba Network


  1. Locate the WiFi menu on your device.
    1. On Windows devices, it is the Wifi Symbol, usually located on the bottom right side of your screen.
    2. On a Mac, it is the Wifi Symbol, usually located on the upper right side of the screen.
    3. On Android you drag down from the top of the screen and either hold the WiFi Icon or select the settings cog on the top of the screen and select "Connections" then select "WiFi".
    4. On iOS (iPhone and iPad) enter the settings app and then select WiFi.
  2. Select WSU ResNet or WSU ResNet Aruba. Do not select "WSU ResNet Guest" or "WSU ResNet Guest Aruba".
  3. When you attempt to connect, it should ask for credentials. Below is the full set of settings that are used to connect to the internet. Many of these are hidden by your device or handled automatically so don't worry if they are not available.

    Bolded text is the names of the fields.

    Italicized text is where you put in your personal information.

    1. Identity/Username: Your NID (NOT YOUR FULL EMAIL)
    2. Password: Your MyWSU Password
    3. CA certificate: Don't Validate
    4. Anonymous Identity: Leave Blank
    5. Phase 2 Authentication: None
    6. EAP Method: PEAP
    7. IP settings: DHCP
    8. Proxy: None
  4. If you have difficulty connecting please contact your RTA by raising a request at