How to Forward Your Campus Phone
Note: Forwarded calls that are not answered by your personal phone will go to that phone's voicemail.
You may choose not to forward your campus phone and instead request "voicemail-to-email". This will send a .WAV file of each voicemail to your WSU Inbox. Simply send a request to to have this feature added to your line.

  1. Connect to WSU Spokane's VPN using GlobalProtect if not already on the Spokane Campus network.
  2. Go to
    1. You will be warned that the site is not private; proceed to the site anyway (see the end of these steps for example browser privacy warnings)
    2. Enter your WSU NID credentials

  3. Click Call Forwarding 
    a. Click the checkbox to Forward call calls to:
    b. Enter your phone number prefixed with 9 (e.g. 9-509-555-5555)
    c. Click Save

**Note: If you are forwarding to a non-local number, your department or college will be charged long-distance fees.

Browser Privacy Warnings
Google Chrome

  1. Click Show Advanced
  2. Click Proceed to…

Mozilla Firefox

  1. Click Advanced
  2. Click Accept the Risk and Continue