I am looking to publish my Canvas course for student view


Navigate to the course you would like to publish.

In the sidebar click the "Publish" button. Please review the steps below as well, as your course still may not be available for student view.


Published courses are only available three days before the start of the term, and seven days after the end of the term. In order to widen this date range, please follow the steps below.

Course dates can be changed by navigating to Settings > Course Details > Course Start or End Date.

After entering new dates, be sure to save the page.

WSU enables the “restrict students from viewing this course before start date” checkbox at the account level. Please also check the "Students can only participate in the course between these dates" checkbox (see image below).

Instructors with multiple sections can also set different dates at the class section level.

Once the course is published, and the current date falls within the date range, the course can be viewed by students.