In macOS, GlobalProtect will not connect (it gets stuck on “Connecting…” indefinitely)


How to Reinstall Palo Alto GlobalProtect on macOS

  1. Logon to and download the GlobalProtect installer for macOS
    1. The GlobalProtect installer package will save to your Downloads folder by default
  2. Run the GlobalProtect installer
    1. Three options will be available; select only “Uninstall GlobalProtect”
    2. Click Continue and follow the prompts to uninstall GlobalProtect
    3. When prompted to send the GlobalProtect installer to the trash, select “Keep”
  3. Run the GlobalProtect installer again from your Downloads folder
    1. This time, select “GlobalProtect” and “GlobalProtect System extensions”
    2. Click Continue and follow the prompts
    3. A new prompt will appear titled “System Extension Blocked”; click the button “Open Security Preferences”
    4. The "Security and Privacy" preferences pane opens to the "General" section; at the bottom you should see “System software from application ‘GlobalProtect’ was blocked from loading.”
    5. Unlock the padlock using your Mac password
    6. Click the “Allow” button
  4. Click the GlobalProtect icon in the menu bar and enter the portal address for WSU Spokane’s VPN: then your NID and password when prompted.